MAC Legends ~ NEW posting category

MAC is FIE’s Marol Academy Committee. The current members, affectionately named the MACettes!, are Rachel Alcock, Sam Deave, Hannah Feakes and Pauline McKerrall.

MAC is responsible for raising awareness for the Marol Academy, which FIE supports (see the recent Marol Academy Update). The committee (in partnership with any students on the Charity Initiative Scholarship Route) is also responsible for fundraising events throughout the semester such as the Welcome Reception raffle, bake sales, film screenings and more!

However, MAC would also like to recognise FIE staff, faculty and students who take part in events and initiatives for other charitable organisations and this new category on the PDP, under ‘Our Values’, is to do just that! Watch this space for updates throughout the year!

These initiatives are in line with FIE’s Mission and Articulated Values

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