Student Switch Off Photo Competition gets over 17,000 views on Facebook!

The 10 week Student Switch Off Competition, taking place for the first time this Spring in FIE London student housing, has got off to a roaring start!

On Monday 10th February Neil Jennings from the team at the National Union of Students (NUS) visited the student residences, accompanied by Sema Camuz, Clare Woessner and Victor Mellor to drum up additional support and engagement. Neil commented on how impressed he was with the level of student awareness in the scheme and the simple energy saving actions. Residence staff have also noticed a visible change in student behaviours e.g. more lights being switched off when not in use. The subsequent photo competition has had over 17,000 views on Facebook, which demonstrates the power of social media and also the broad spread of the message!

The mid-competition meter readings will be taken on Monday 24th February and the leading residence will receive a pizza-giveaway!

Thank you to all those on the FIE side who have assisted with the initiative, most notably Hannah Feakes, Mieke Berg, John Pearson, Rachel Alcock and the StAG committee, the RLS team and the Facilities/Facilities Support Team, and Shannon Temlak (Elon University student) and Nadhiya Govinda (Loyola Marymount University student)!

The SSO started on Monday 20th January and will end on Friday 4th April. Find out more about the SSO at: and

Complete the Climate Change Quiz:

This initiative is in line with FIE’s Sustainable Development Initiatives

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