MAC legends – FIE staff raising money and giving back

MAC is FIE’s Marol Academy Committee, responsible for raising funds and awareness for the Marol Academy, which FIE supports. However MAC also likes to recognise FIE staff, faculty and students who take part in events and initiatives for other charitable organisations, MAC Legends! Here are some recent updates:

Earlier in the year the MACettes (Rebecca Claris, Katie Russell, Zehra Sonkaynar, Hannah Feakes and Rachel Alcock) completed the Walk the Walk half marathon, raising awareness and funds for breast cancer charities.

Karl Dowling completed the Hamburg Marathon for Aware, an Irish charity that provides support, education and information around depression.

Mieke Berg has been regularly volunteering at Shakespeare’s Globe as a steward, seating patrons as well as answering questions about the performance and theatre, and assisting with any medical emergencies.

Rachel Alcock has been volunteering at Strawberry Hill House and the Island Parrot Sanctuary.

Hannah Feakes has been volunteering with the Speak to the Future campaign for languages via the Inspiring the Future service.

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