Helen Curtis is off to Rio!

Congratulations to FIE faculty member Helen Curtis who was elected Vice President (2015-17) of the International Olympic Academy Participants Association (IOAPA) in Olympia last summer.

Helen also presented the following paper:
Curtis,  H.  (2015)  ‘Inspiring  a  Generation?  Exploring  intersections  of  identity  and Olympic  Athletes.’  Proceedings  of  the  14th  International  Olympic  Academy  Participants  Association  Special  Sessions.  Olympia,  Greece:  International  Olympic  Academy.

The IOAPA fosters several values that inform Helen’s teaching at FIE:
IOAPA Mission Statement: To foster an international and multicultural Olympic fellowship of IOA past participants, providing tools and resources to facilitate Olympic education and support Olympism worldwide. Visit us at www.ioapa.org

2016 will also be an eventful year for Helen as the Olympic and Paralympic Games take place in Rio. Helen is involved with organising an IOAPA event in Rio and will be supporting the Olympic Truce Foundation. Helen will also be presenting papers and working with the Aquatics team during the Games. She’ll keep us posted on how she gets on!

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