Neena Agnish and Dr Brennan Jacoby win StAG Champion Awards

At the end of Fall 2015, FIE’s Sustainability Action Group (StAG) was delighted to announce the following staff and faculty StAG Champions! This honour has been put in place to recognise individuals who make an excellent contribution to FIE’s sustainable development initiatives in a given semester.

  • Faculty Award: Dr Brennan Jacoby, for his continued commitment to FIE’s sustainability initiatives and the Sustainability Lecture series
  • Staff Award: Neena Agnish (Facilities Support Team Manager) for her unrelenting support of FIE’s sustainability message in Metrogate residence – 3 times winners of the SSO under her watch!

In addition to formal letters recognising their contributions, Neena and Brennan also received a small prize, and are recognised on the perpetual plaque in the Foundation House lobby.

White Foot and FIE


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